Home Services

We all need a please to call home and have stability and an opportunity to gain independence.

Feel protected and included in your community

Having a place to call home is a very important aspect in a your life, somewhere you can feel safe and comfortable and part of your community. If you are looking for somewhere new to live, we may have an accommodation option that can assist you.

This will help you develop skills and capabilities to fulfill daily tasks so that you can live as independently as possible.

Turning a house into a home

Supported independent living is funded through the NDIS. You will receive day to day support with tasks such as:

  • Domestic jobs, eg. cleaning and grass cutting
  • Assistance with personal care (showering and dressing)
  • Getting out and about in the community
  • Skill development such as money management and cooking


However, it is not only the practical aspects you will gain from independent living. The opportunity to make friends, get involved in new activities, learn to stay safe and healthy will all be skills that you gain from having a house of your own.

Gives you the opportunity to find your feet again and help you build your skills in managing your living situation and helps you to gain the quality of life you are looking for.